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By Ángeles Espinosa Iglesias · General manager of Amparo de Puebla Museum, México

"Edmund Valladares is the creator of a work that belongs to his time and it moves forward since the seventies be bad being realizing a series of many collective creative proposes, before the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary concepts begun to be used in the humanism context by the end of the last century.
There are many sequences in the Valladares' pictorial and graph production: all of them are impressive and the chronicle of his life time reality. In his work there are impeccable translations of Rembrandt soul. There, in the domination of shade gestures, turn up the Bacon' objective and so the dramatic registration, that remind us the best of Orozco and Sequeiros. This doesn't mean that Valladares wants to imitate any of the mentioned painters. The development of his production joined different moments of manifold traditions."

Presentation of Edmund Valladares to the D 'France Galery
By Juan Cassou · critic and investigator, founder of the Modern Art National Museum of France
I had seen the work of Valladares with great interest and thoroughness. Since the first time I saw them I could realize their great quality and authority.
It's obvious that Valladares is a master of expression. I wish that his work can be shown in Paris, I anticipate the best for him and I compromise my self to support him and give him my cordial affection."